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How to use millinery tools to make couture silk and leather flowers in Japanese technique

Being a flower making Tutor for a long time, in this online class I answer on most common questions I get. Also I focus on typical issues and mistakes.
There is a difference in using flower making tools on silk and leather, so I demonstrate for your how to work with each tool as on silk as well as on leather.
You will see different methods of shaping flower parts, you will get plenty of ideas for realising your own personal creations.

How to work with a double edge flower making iron

This special Japanese brass double edge iron (spoon) is essential instrument in modern art of flower making. It is an universal instrument for making roses, leaves, peonies, asters, chrysanthemums and dahlias.. Ideal tool for working with any type of fabric, leather and silk.
You can learn how to work with amazing flower making iron at


Now I would like to show you an amazing advantage for flower making of EVA FOAM, its water resistance. Unlike silk and most fabrics, it isn’t afraid of water.
Lets make a small experiment. I have already painted and shaped the petals for a flower. In my flower making Video Tutorial I tell in detail how to do it. I dip the petal into the water. As you see, it doesn’t change the shape at all!
When the petal dries, it keeps its shape.

Nothing will change with our colours as well. If you still are worry about it, spray your flower with hair spray. It will completely prevent any colours loss.
I don’t advise you to stay under a strong shower for several hours, but light rain or humidity wouldn’t spoil your headpiece with EVA FOAM flowers.

You can purchase the detail Video Tutorial “How to make flowers from EVA FOAM” in my online shop or my Etsy shop