Creating flowers for Millinery from a new material, EVA foam . 19th March, Gold Coast

During the workshop you will get familiar with a new material EVA Foam and explore its advantages for flower making in Millinery. You will learn the techniques of making patterns, painting , shaping and assembling your creation. In this class you will complete a minimum of two different styles of flowers.

List of materials and tools  that you need for EVA FOAM flower making class:

Highly recommended:

Hot glue gun with glue sticks
Glue 450
Scissors to cut EVA foam
Oil pastel crayons or soft pastels or acrylic
Bath towel
Handkerchief (thin)

Optional but recommended

Bicycle or gym gloves
Floral wire
Flowers stamens
Awl or toothpicks.

The duration of the class is 6 hours. The cost of a one day class is $150, if you book two classes it will be $280. This includes materials and a light lunch.

If you have done my class on particular material before, you will have an discount 20% if you do a class on the same material.

TO secure your place a deposit is required. For further details contact me