ROSE joyous , thermoplastic, EVA FOAM flower making VIDEO Tutorial, on line class

In this video we will make this beautiful rose from EVA FOAM.

WE will make fully finished flower, with leaves and stems. I will show you how to finish them to be used in headpieces.
The duration of the lesson is 1 hour 20 minutes.

EVA FOAM is an amazing new material for flower making! Feather light, waterproof, inexpensive, it can easily be hand coloured.

The Tutorial will tell you in detail what materials and tools you need for making these EVA FOAM flowers. A big plus of working with EVA FOAM that you don’t need any special tools and expensive materials. I will tell you what type of EVA FOAM is better to use and where you can buy it.
WE will go through all the stages of the process of creating flowers from the EVA FOAM. This includes the preparation of EVA FOAM, making patterns, dying , assembling and finishing techniques. I will share my “secrets”of working with EVA FOAM.

The preview of this online class is here

This video tutorial will be useful for both beginners and advanced students in the flower making art. Learning this particular technique you will be able to achieve outstanding results by varying the number, size and the colour of the petals.

One of the great advantage of this material, you can quickly and reasonably easily make a stunning accessory or head piece matching your outfit.

This Tutorial can be viewed on both Windows and Apple operating system.

Who is this tutorial for:
– milliners, – accessory designers, – flower makers, – those who love learning new skills, but living in our modern world, want to see the beautiful results quickly.