Creating a leather peony workshop , 16 August, Sydney

During this 6 hours class you will make peony with leaves from leather.

It will be three main parts of this workshop.
Preparing leather for flower-making.

Shaping flower parts with specialised tools.

Assembling the flowers.

The focus of the class will be applying Japanese silk flower making techniques to leather.

The number of students will be strictly limited to make sure that it is a great learning experience.
The cost of the class is $150 including materials. To make a booking please contact me directly .
List of materials that you need for leather flower peony class.

Highly recommended
Strong clear glue
PVA glue
scissors to cut leather
piece of any thin cotton material 50cm*50cm
one pair disposable gloves
one disposable flat small brush
piece of foam rubber 10cm*10 cm minimum (Clark rubber)
soldering iron (40w) (!!)

Optional but recommended
flower making millinery tools for soldering iron or flower making millinery tools with handles.
Phillip’s head screwdriver or usual screwdriver
Long nosed pliers
plate to put hot tools on
millinery wire cutters