Silk like flower Iris without flower making tools, PDF e book DIY

irisbookAre you interesting in making unique flowers? This is the perfect tutorial for you ! You will create elegant and stunning iris and you will be amazed how fast and fun it is.

No expensive flower making tools are needed. This Tutorial is based on the teaching of famous Russian flower making master Polina Kuznetsova.

No stiffener is used in making this flower, so the flower looks soft and natural.

One of the greatest advantage of this technique is that the flowers that you make are very hardy. They can withstand moisture and heat.

The tutorial contains 7 pages with 17 clear and close photos, instructions and patterns. Numerous tips make this project easy to finish and help you create your own personal variations.

Skill Level: Beginners – Advance


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Created by Galina Kofod – Galelina flowers, Australia

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