Europe-bigThe workshop is dedicated to two different technique of making flowers. During the first part of the workshop (1st & 2nd days) you will learn how to make leather flowers. The focus of this part of the workshop will be applying Japanese silk flower making techniques to leather. There will be three main parts to this workshop.

Preparing leather for flower-making.
Shaping flower parts with specialized flower making tools.
Assembling the flowers.

You will make several completely different leather flowers including rose, chrysanthemum, peony and orchid.

Using these flowers as an basis, we will look at how you can modify them to make other flowers.

In the second part of the workshop (3rd day) You will be introduced to a new material, EVA foam, and new technique for Millinery flower making. This is an amazing new material for flower making! Feather light, can easily be hand colored. Create beautiful blooms! We will explore its advantages for flower making in Millinery.

You will learn the techniques of making patterns, painting , shaping and assembling your creation. In this part of the workshop you will complete a minimum of two different styles of flowers.

Material costs: Allow £10 per flower for the leather class materials kit (you will be able to make up to 4 flowers on the 2-day class). IF you do not wish to buy the kit, please feel free to bring your own leather but note that you will not be able to make 4 flowers on the course if you are cutting the leather in class.

Allow £5 for the Eva foam class materials

Booking: £100 non-refundable deposit to secure your space,3 installment payments option is available for payment of the balance.

London, 11-13.07

For booking www.thecreativeworkshops.com