CHRYSANTHEMUM flower making kit for headpiece, fascinator from EVA foam, foamiran

Weight: .1kg
Width: 14cm
Height: 1.5cm
Length: 20cm
How many ? 999 units in stock.

Categories Tools and Supplies , Flower making kits

If you buy my Video Tutorial how to make  CHRYSANTHEMUMS autumn firework VIDEO TUTORIAL   and would like to make chrysanthemums as soon as possible, you can order this kit and start your creation much quicker!

WE have made a special kit including enough EVA FOAM to make this beautiful chrysanthemum. You can order this kit, choosing the colours that you like for petals and leaves.

Note. that In the Video Tutorial we will make two different type of chrysanthemums from EVA FOAM. So, you are buying the kit only for the chrysanthemum on these pictures. If you would like to make the other chrysanthemum you should to  purchase an another kit