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In this video tutorial you will learn how to work with each of the most common flower making tools found in the majority of sets.

Being a flower making Tutor for several years, in this online class I answer on most common questions I get. Also I focus on typical issues and mistakes.

I show and explain how to work with the most popular flower making tools; round heads, single and double irons and hooks. I show in several examples how we can work with different types of Japanese irons. I pay particular attention using a drawing plate. Drawing plates are included in most sets, but most flower makers don't know how to use them.
There is a difference in using flower making tools on silk and leather, so I demonstrate for your how to work with each tool as on silk as well as on leather.

In my online class I tell you what to look for in choosing a flower making set of tools.

Being a Tutor of Japanese flower making techniques, I included a very important part in this on line class where I tell about the preparations of silk for shaping and types of sponges to use.

You will see different methods of shaping flower parts, you will get plenty of ideas for realising your own personal creations.

You can look the preview on this my online lesson here

This video tutorial will be useful for both beginners and advanced students in the flower making art.


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- milliners, - accessory designers, - flower makers, - those who love learning new skills, but living in our modern world, want to see the beautiful results quickly.

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Created by Galina Kofod - Galelina flowers, Australia